When Gentlemen Do Packing…!

After watching this video clip, I saw how different I am with these gentlemen…!

Just find out the way they do packing clothes – very neat, strategic & time-saving while normally I spend around 1 hour  just to think about what should I pack for my travel and It takes more 30 mins to 1 hour to pack all stuffs. Such a “drama queen”, I have to say that ! 😀

Some useful tips for you to do packing for your travel:

1. Define how many places you will go to and  tone & mood in each place (casual, formal etc…)

2. Based on the first one, define how many key items you will bring (trousers, shirts, t-shirts, jackets) with strategic selection – Pick up an item can go along with at least 2 other pieces to save space for other stuffs and lighten your luggage but make sure that you bring enough undies to wear in your trip – this is so so important ! ;-))

3. Then think about the shoes, Oxford/Loafers/Derbies shoes style should be preferred coz they are quite easy for you to go with formal & casual occasion. Brown and black color will be priority due to their color-match ability.

4. Accessories will be the final one to be considered. Belt & tie should be on top, then the rest with socks, scarves, cuff-links, tie clips, pocket squares, perfumes etc…

Hereafter is the styles of 3 gentlemen in this video. There are 3 rules for Gentleman in styling

– Simple is The Best

– Common things can make the differences

– One highlight can show your taste



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