Here is my style for Aquafina Fashion Show – Gala Night: light blue denim shirt, caro blue bow tie, dark blue polo pants with “man plays golf” symbol and white low top sneakers.

I was so exciting to join the show and though that I would write a reviewed note for last . However, it was not like I expected, kinda boring and messy, to be honest. Most of collections did not show the concept of this year – “Pure Sexiness”, excepted one special collection of Le Thanh Hoa – my dear friend & the winner of Aquafina Fashion Show 2009. It’s so “Le Thanh Hoa” – evening gown styles, glamorous & elegant.

After the show, we had close discussion about his new career and of course took some pictures together !

Anyway, it was a relaxing night with friends, fashion and weird conversations with my special man !








(Me & Le Thanh Hoa – Grand winner of Aquafina Fashion Show 2009)

702142_10151208051169639_14552054_n(Me, Le Thanh Hoa & Ha Nhat Tien – Runner up of Aquafina Pure Fashion 2011)


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