I feel so tired now and just want to leave everything behind. I tried to convince myself that everything is gonna be ok soon but honestly, I have no idea when it’s done. I am so happy in this morning because of what you did to me but then works bring me back to reality and get the meaning of “Life sucks” in the evening.

I am trying to let my mind freely and think of you to help me find inner peace and keep moving forward like our commitment.

Another thing made me feel ok today is my mix-match, it made me look younger & cooler and cover my tired & ugly face. I know that “You just look best when you feel best” but at least it inspired me to kick off a new day even though I was not good as I am expected.

A long sleeve – light blue striped shirt goes with pastel blue drop-crotch pants and white sneakers – quite simple look but workable for Friday night. I did another mix-match with same style for your style reference at this weekend.

Joyful weekend, guys!

photo (3)



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