Here are 18 simple guidelines by GQ for office men or men usually wear suit for meeting or special occasions. There is one thing that you have to remember after going through all these steps – “LESS IS MORE”. This is absolutely right for gentleman who cares about every piece on his outfits but always be consistent with his look !

Jonanista believes that you guys can pick up at least 1 guideline and make it become you new inspiration for a new week !

2013-01-20_215346 2013-01-20_215359 2013-01-20_215412 2013-01-20_215423 2013-01-20_215433 2013-01-20_215446 2013-01-20_215457 2013-01-20_215509 2013-01-20_215519 2013-01-20_215538 2013-01-20_215618 2013-01-20_215627 2013-01-20_215640 2013-01-20_215650 2013-01-20_215700 2013-01-20_215729


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