How to Kick Your Jeans Habit !

I was completely inspired by this editorials. It is so simple & straight to the point – changing your jeans habit to trousers to be new, cool & be on-trends. For the office men who are looking for the trends of tailor pants, this is so extremely useful with specific guidelines in tailoring and style. Again, simple but workable. I intended to translate all tips in Vietnamese but It seems to be unnecessary because the words are so clear, straightforward and shortened to understand or even you could not get all things, you can easily catch them up through inspirational photos. I kept all information to show my respect with    the source of information – GQ Online magazine.

Just enjoy, be inspired and do action ! 😉

“We’re not announcing a ban on denim. But we do think you should branch out. For moves that will set you apart, learn how to wear trousers, dress chinos, motopants, and more—just like the Internet’s illest dance phenomenon, Lil Buck”

2013-01-29_173039 2013-01-29_173232 2013-01-29_173243 2013-01-29_173255 2013-01-29_173315 2013-01-29_173324 2013-01-29_173334 2013-01-29_173415 2013-01-29_173609 2013-01-29_173623 2013-01-29_173633 2013-01-29_173644 2013-01-29_173657 2013-01-29_173906


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