Style Arrangement – The Way To Show YOU!

I always feel inspirational & excited when I see these style photo arrangement.

Firstly, It show his owned fashion styles in different way with usually – People with outfits!

Secondly, It show his personalities and maybe his work, his lifestyle with accessories, gadgets or other items beside his clothes.

And last but not least, It proves that these guys not only have good taste in styles but also so good in artwork to arrange all these things nicely & attractively in one theme.

Just go through all photos below for your rẻference and take your owned experiences! 😉




The last 3 piks are my friend’s composing – Kelvin Vu Nguyen, Luffy Piece & Chae Tae Hee. Those are very cool & smart and of course good taste in style !

26335_4504166004552_83720864_n 581278_4518172474253_1677838433_n 775872_583051905042227_1971772493_o

Btw, who has your owned style arrangement, please feel free to send it to me, leave your information to let me bring you guys on stage to be imfluencers ! 😉


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