Style For Shaking Weekend!

Today, together with my cool guys, we did a social trendy video – Harlem Shake – Saigon G Crew version. It was not easy to wake up at 5.30 at weekend to start up process at 7am. I think we did a great job coz we were so exciting & enjoyable with 2 crazy hours filming! Now we are all eager to wait for the launching date which is supposed in 8th March – International Women’s Day. Even though I woke up so early & were quite rushing to go out, but I still spent 10 mins to think what should wear today (the guy who obesesses about fashion like me should dress up a little bit on this special day, right! :D). Here is my style for today – White polo T-shirt, white sneaker and dark brow carrot pants, the focused point in this look is the red socks.

Back to the point, stay tune with The Top of Saigon G Shake! I will update some teasing videos from tomorrow to launching date for you guys! 😀






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