When Python Meets Fashion !

I am not a fan of clothes which were made by animal materials but because it’s The Year of Snake and Python pattern is also one of the mini trends in this season, so I want to share with you my selected python collection for your reference. Remember that Snake/Python is representative for the power, the flexibility and the wisdom, so you have to show its personalities/spirits when you wear anything relates to Snake/Python.

This layout I made to promote for Maybelline Color Sensational with Python theme based on client’s requirement. Even though this job is not in my SOW, but I love to do it because you know, Jonanista always want to bring fashion in your daily life! 😉



2013-03-06_170815 2013-03-06_170740 2013-03-06_170555 2013-03-06_170541 2013-03-06_170109 2013-03-06_170123 2013-03-06_170454 2013-03-06_170507 2013-03-06_170050 2013-03-06_165814 2013-03-06_165739


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