Jonanista With Maybelline Color Sensational !

I am a Digital Manager of Maxus Vietnam who is media agency of L’Oreal Vietnam with the brand name Maybelline New York, L’Oreal Paris, Lancome, Vichy ect….Maybelline New York is one of the biggest brand and also the most active brand in digital marketing. Together with my team, we handle all digital stuffs for this brand – from strategy to ideas, from implementation to campaign evaluation, from social management to writing social content. Even though I am not in charge of writing post content, my social will be responsible for it but when I do approving the content before sending it to client; I usually make some edition in wording & especially the pictures. I just want to make sure that those pictures have to show the look & feel of beauty & fashion, follow the brand spirit as well as inspire fans when they see those. I do not expertise in graphic design, I just base on some basic tools on PowerPoint to layout all elements in pictures to make them more beautiful & inspirational from my point of view. I knew that they are not the best but they look ok & acceptable to be shared with fans! 😀

Here are my designs for Maybelline Color Sensational which were approved by client. Honestly, I love to do this job if I have more free time coz It takes me around 1 hour for per layout…! =)))

2013-02-28_152344 2013-03-01_162046 2013-03-01_163225 Picture1


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