They are all famous. We call them Celebrities .

It’s so easy to understand they are at the front row of the most popular fashion shows in Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013. Some of them may earn a lot of money for their attendance but that’s not I want to talk about in this post.

My headline somehow let you know what I would like to discuss “Where to go and What to wear”. It means “picking the right outfits for the right place”.

You should not be a Queen with evening gown when you go to fashion show where all most of famous fashion designers, fashion editors and fashionista gather together to see “What’s hot in next season?”. With these people, all they care about is your styles, your looks, your mix-match. Do it show your taste, your personality? Is it on trends? Are you a real trendsetter?. In this case, You should be “Lady in Style”.

Same thing, you could not be “so ready-to-wear” when you attend the special events/parties with the red carpets because It’s time to show your glamorous beauty, your luxury accessories & of course your haute couture dresses. You are not the princess, You must be a Night Queen !

Here are the best looks of celebrities in Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 for your reference, actually for our celebrities. I always hope that someday when I have opportunities to join any fashion show, I will be  inspired and attracted by the “Ladies in Style” with feelings “Wow!”, “So fashionable”, “Beautiful!”, “Love Her Look much!”, “That’s why I love her!” instead of “Really?”, “Seriously?”, “Come on!”, “She has to change her stylist/She needs a stylist asap!”

 * At Chanel

At ChannelAt ChanelAt  Chanel 2At Chanel 3


* At Givenchy

At GivenchyAt Givenchy 2

* At Louis Vuitton

At Louis Vuitton

At Louis Vuitton 2


* At Miu Miu

At Miu Miu At Miu Miu 2


* At Christian Dior

At Christian Dior


* At Chlóe

At Chlóe

* At Anthony Vacccarello

At Anthony Vacccarello


* At H&M

At H&M


At Sonia Rykiel

* At Stella McCartney

At Stella McCartney


* At Valentino

At Valentino


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