Let’s Talk About Colors…!

I always feel exciting and inspirational when I see the hot colors on the street, of course they has to be matching together to create a trendy look for ladies.

Playing with colors is easy and difficult. It’s easy because you just get some basic knowledge about matching colors like 1 hot color goes with 1 cold/neutral color such as red-black, orange-white,yellow-dark blue. You can be safe and outstanding enough to attract people’s attention.

However, it absolutely can turn to disaster if you try to play with more 3 hot colors without good sense in color matching as well as in fashion knowledge.  To be more confident in making decision with color matching, you need to reference different sources like the fashion shows, fashion magazines or even from the painting art! The more you learn & practice, the more experiences you get.

These ladies were definitely on the stage with her excellent sense in color matching – outstanding, on-trends, elegant & sophisticated. Who can’t take his/her eyes off her on the street !?

2013-03-10_224645 2013-03-10_224656 2013-03-10_225259 2013-03-10_225308 2013-03-10_230345 2013-03-11_231248 2013-03-11_222549 2013-03-10_225753 2013-03-10_225040 2013-03-10_225152 2013-03-10_225435 2013-03-10_225534 2013-03-10_230049


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