Welcome Mr. & Ms. Top to Vietnam !

Last night, Topshop & Topman celebrated The Grand Opening for its first store at Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh as well as in Vietnam. This is so exciting event for all Vietnames fashionista and people who are working fashion industry. Even in UK – its homeland, Topshop & Topman has been the rising stars from the date they cooperated with Kate Moss – one of the legendary supermodels!. Therefore, It’s quite easy to understand why we are so excited and eager with this middle fashion brand. Targeting on people 18-30 AB Class who always want to be on-trends but have to be different with their unique styles, it easily goes along with young fashionista whom we called The trendsetter/Style Influencers.

Jonanista did collecting some typical looks of Topman & Topshop looks for your reference. I will go to its store in this evening with my dear friends to, see you guys there !

street-style-victor-1 6a011168a6832e970c013486811e0d970c IMG_0701-682x1024 London-Collections-Mens-Street-Style-Autumn-Winter-Fall-21 topman-shirt_400 tumblr_lr0165kbDp1qzdtod tumblr_lv9x0l4DBG1qzdtod

ashley-madekwe-topshop-l-a1 6a01053695b916970c0120a5ae1c17970c- 026.SSMarchWT12wp 030LFW_FEBWT12wp 392GradFashJuneWT12wp 91673_1273169855 Poppy-Delevigne-Street-Style-Topshop-Polka-Dot-pant-3-746x1024 topshop.bike.2


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