After seeing some cool shorts of Topman, I was getting more excited in searching men styles with shorts. In most cases, shorts just can go with the casual wear, less formal, relates to convenient occasions. I bet that no man thinks about “shorts brings to you gentle looks in formal cases”, except the men who are working in fashion industry. Personally, even I am so addicted to fashion, I still not feel confident to wear shorts with suits or wear it to go to formal events. Maybe this style is unpopular in Vietnam and I am afraid of being “weird guy”!.

Therefore, when I looked at these men, I thought they are real men who dare to wear what they like, dare to fight with the people’s perception, dare to be different from the other men. They really really inspired me and motivated me to try “The Shorts & Suits Look”. Who knows you will see Jonanista with “Shorts & Suits” in special events ! 😉

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