This post is dedicated to Tang Tang – my most favorite fashion photographer in Vietnam. I knew him around 3 years ago when he was kinda new in fashion industry with first fashion editorial – After The Rain that he did for his girlfriend – TyD who is also on the way to be top model faces.

Honestly, I completely felt in love with After The Rain because of his taste in fashion photos – very clean & clear, conceptual, inspirational & high fashion of course. I strongly believed that He was gonna be a raising star who made revolution in fashion photography. And now there is no doubt that Tang Tang is in The Top List, together with the young talents in Vietnamese fashion industry.

I had a opportunity to talk to him in personal and again, I got surprised with his informal styles – totally different with the high-fashion look in his fashion photos. Then I recognized that maybe that is one of the key things to lead him create new ideas for his amazing career.

Just going through all photos below to understand why he is my first choice!

1. After The Rain

34077_403060634159_7515604_n 34077_403060674159_2079483_n 34077_403060684159_278071_n 34077_403060694159_5710917_n

2.Dreaming Boat – DEP magazine No.9/2011

310117_10150374809894160_315849579_n 381054_10150374810749160_1340653873_n

319511_10150374811504160_2016158101_n 381820_10150374813044160_2126366000_n

3. Beneath The Jacket – DEP magazine #3.13

485906_10151376266789160_827863527_n522651_10151376267014160_469073508_n 537721_10151376266784160_375486007_n 417495_10151376267009160_1150348400_n 374498_10151376267204160_1965543457_n 733830_10151376267109160_1515947656_n 484770_10151376266814160_629975220_n

4. The Glenmorangie House 2012

544232_10151389318399160_1268418317_n 577928_10151389318449160_325724289_n 598967_10151389318359160_286304233_n

5.  In the ancient Rolls Royce

578243_10151398819514160_492242931_n 598737_10151398819394160_1572329951_n 598877_10151398819844160_2097114837_n 392939_10151398819789160_1044069215_n 295645_10151398819949160_42266295_n 295673_10151398819479160_359950913_n

6. Others


(Đep Magazine 04.2013)


(Elle Vietnam – 04.2013)


(Đep Magazine 04.2013)


(Harper’s Bazaar VietNam 02.2013)


(Elle Vietnam 03.2013)

And last but not least, the portraits of Tang Tang !



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