I am not a fan of fashion hat coz I feel it seems quite far away from ready-to-wear which is my most interest. However, after I saw Hat of Kan by Kan Kanemura, I was absolutely inspired with what he created. The collection completely matches with my fashion taste – chic, urban, elegant, a little bit fun and weird to show off his personalities. Even though I have no idea if they are all possible to use with casual wear, especially in Vietnam, I still strongly recommend that as fashionista ladies, you should try it at least one time coz I am sure that you can have different feeling when you walk on the street with a fashion hat!

10999_10151537962544486_227623007_n 17987_10151537973044486_493100159_n 18961_10151537957924486_2106078263_n 19008_10151537970574486_370664659_n 521783_10151537959799486_1704623945_n 554056_10151537966059486_1347490356_n 558005_10151537967719486_1776767172_n 558162_10151537976524486_2045267863_n 558923_10151537956429486_1002534862_n 547854_10151537979184486_447822343_n


Celebrity – Famous Dancer Linh Nga with Hat of Kan by Kan Kanemura

15201_10151535574264486_991540924_n 541479_10151535581889486_200114510_n

Here is the portrait of Kan Kanemura

539639_10151425808959486_135704040_n 184574_10151302635469486_360843362_n


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