I Am Ready 4 Floral Prints !

How about you? How many floral items did you have in your wardrobe?

I had 4, they are all casual shirts – 1 vintage, 1 of Marshall Artists and 2 tailored one.  I am tending to buy 1 botanical printed short of Topman. It’s still in my consideration.

The reason I love floral prints because it makes me feel younger, more refreshing and relaxing like the feeling when you look at beautiful flowers as well as let me be free to show who I am. I believe you look the best when you are most confident about yourself.

The other thing lets me fall in love with floral prints is its applicability, from casual to formal, from daily life to special occasions that you want to be outstanding from the crowd. You can wear floral printed item with short & sneakers/sandals, with plain hot/dark colors with loafers/boat shoes, or definitely make it work with suits, tie & Oxford/Derbies styles, or even you just need a floral printed pocket square as the key feature of your total look.

After all things I shared with you, I hope that you guys won’t hesitate to get at least 1 floral printed item for this Spring/Summer 2013, even for next season or next year – such an economized choice for stylish man, right !

Here is the Floral Prints editorial or Mrporter.com for your reference.

2013-05-02_223700 2013-05-02_223729 2013-05-02_223755 2013-05-02_223824 2013-05-02_223846 2013-05-02_223858 2013-05-02_223909

and some floral print styles on the street !


Daily-Lives84891 floral pants 2_1 flower-power PARWEB_StreetStyle_MenSS13_2_45 Monsieur Jerome tumblr_mfuvn7SWgQ1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_mlt09dSHyq1qbzysno1_r1_1280


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