Someday I Will Catch Them On The Street !

Sometimes, I keep questioning myself when I could take street-style photos like this. It’s not only about the good camera but also where and who I can capture the natural & inspirational moments of trendy men even though in Saigon – the most dynamic & on-trends city of Vietnam.

Therefore, I just want to share these photos as an essential way to warm up my passion in this kind of fashion photo-shoot.

2013-05-06_231757 2013-05-06_231815 2013-05-06_231855 2013-05-06_231907 2013-05-06_231931 2013-05-06_232221 2013-05-06_232239 2013-05-06_232254 2013-05-06_232311 2013-05-06_232439 2013-05-06_232457 2013-05-06_232521 2013-05-06_232631 2013-05-06_232643 2013-05-06_232652 2013-05-06_232749 2013-05-06_232901


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