It’s been a long time that I did not collect some things special for you guys due to my heavy workload, drama bitchy stories & long holidays to recover myself. I started working with this selection almost 2 weeks ago but still not have time to complete it even though just 5 pieces which are my most favorite on-trends items on MrPoter & Farfetch. Each of them brought to me the inspirational emotion to kick-off my non-stop demand of shopping although the prices are so high so that’s why I just could thought about possessing them in my dreams :D.

This selection is all about the color trends of 2013 with Mustard, Black & White, Light Ocean Blue & Color Stripes. I am sure that you won’t be regretful when you get them in hands if your financial status allows taking them all or even just a few pieces of these trendy stuffs. I especially love Cutler & Gloss mustard sunglasses, Bill Amberg backpack; Dolce & Gabbana striped pants & Saint Laurent white sneaker!

I hope that you guys will be in the mood of shopping when going through this post. Forget about Monday Blue, spend some minutes to satisfy your fashion love to refresh your mind.

Cheers !

2013-05-06_134308 2013-05-06_140026 2013-05-06_165843 2013-05-06_170947 2013-05-06_173442


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