Ladies More “Lady” With Oversized Floral Prints

Be inspired by the invitation of “Le Jardin” Spring/Summer 2013 by DMC (Do Manh Cuong) – one of the most popular fashion designers in Vietnam.


I guessed floral prints would be main theme of the show because he chose his Muse – Le Thuy to wear a gorgeous yellow dress with oversized flower patterns. Although floral prints has been promoted from last year but It seems that ladies can’t stop loving the flowers. There is no need to find the reason why all women love flowers because somehow it’s their natural instinct I think so.

In last season, the small/tiny flower prints were on stage because it let women feel back to 60s when all ladies tend to be elegant, soft & sweet style. To refresh itself, oversized floral patterns was born to keep wining women’s heart in this year. In terms of the beauty trends, oversized floral patterns still make sure to inspire women about the look of classic ladies from previous decades, but based on the visual effects It brings the ladies to the next level – more standing-out, more challenging (normally, oversized patterns easily make you look “fat”), more attractive & powerful in showing-off her strong personalities.

Therefore, I did selecting my most favorite items (dresses, skirts & pants) with oversized floral prints on Net-A-Porter as well as some styling celebrities with oversized floral prints. As you can see, they are all very famous & successful women like Anna Wintour, Kelly Brook, Kylie Minouge, Jessica Chastain etc…They know how to balance between her “feminine” & her strong personalities. I think that is the key one to make them shining and being a star and that is also the reason they love to wear any oversized floral prints fashion item!

2013-05-13_231222 2013-05-13_231528 2013-05-13_231703 2013-05-13_231828 2013-05-13_231911 2013-05-13_232156 2013-05-13_232322 2013-05-13_232731 2013-05-13_232835 2013-05-13_232929 2013-05-13_233018 2013-05-13_233153 2013-05-13_233350 2013-05-13_233417 2013-05-13_233432 997e1502-734b-4d76-8f8c-5a42ba3038fd_kelly-brook-floral-fashion-style-outfits-looks-12-04-2013 1367881004_anna-wintour-zoom celebrities_en_la_alfombra_roja_de_la_70_edicion_de_los_globos_de_oro_2013_lucy_liu__carolina herrera cn_image_0.size.Leelee-Sobieski-Sidaction-Gala-1 jessica-chastain-black-pink-purple-embroidered-erdem-anna-lace-dress-nude-christian-louboutin-pigalle-patent-platform-red-sole-pump-academy-81 RTKylieMinogue_0


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