If Dress & Skirt brings to a woman “lady moving”, slim fit pants allow her to show-off her strong, confident & independent catwalk but – the must-have personalities of a woman if she wants to be different from the others and successful in career path. Knowing how to bold out yourself in the right place at the right time is the key thing to get people’s attention, of course in the positive way.

I always love to see the ladies with “pants” on the streets. On the other side with dress & skirt, women usually do not care too much about “mix-match” when they pick up pants to go outside because “pants” is skewed to “casual wear”. Therefore, if you want to know a woman’s taste in style, just look at her with “pants style” because  doing mix-match with pants is more difficult than with dresses & skirts, especially when you go to special occasions like luxury parties, night events or even a fashion show.

This mix-match took me a lot of time to select & consider “which are the best looks for specific occasions?” from my point of view. As you can see, the background of layouts are the locations/occasions that she will go to – from luxury event on Chill Sky Bar to a coffee date on Sunday morning, from dancing queen at night clubs to front row of fashion show. Wherever you go, I just want to make sure that you are not the one & only with your bold identities, not only in fashion taste but also in lifestyle.

Enjoy the shows, Independent Ladies !

2013-05-14_155821 2013-05-14_162955 2013-05-14_164733 2013-05-14_170200 2013-05-14_170918 2013-05-14_172054 2013-05-14_173356


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