Cindy Crawford – The Power of The Golden Time of Supermodels!

I started loving Cindy Crawford when I looked at her “bomb” nude picture on the wall in my parent’s bedroom when I was at 13 yo (my mom loves Cindy so much coz she had a mole on her face like Cindy). I thought “She looks like a Venus – the complex combination between sexiness & holiness”. Because of her, I felt interested in searching information about the supermodels, fashion designers etc… In other words, Cindy Crawford brought me to fashion industry together with The Golden Time of Supermodels – Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington etc…That’s the reason why I always have special feeling when I saw Cindy on magazines coz somehow she reminds me of my Mom!

Back to the point, I created this post just because I found “The Power” editorial for Cindy Crawford on Net-A-Porter. Even though she is now 47 but she absolutely still flow me away with her look, her style, her spirit like the first time I saw nude picture.

For Cindy Crawford & those who love her like me ! 😀


2013-06-04_144007 2013-06-04_144017 2013-06-04_144027 2013-06-04_144040 2013-06-04_144049 2013-06-04_144059

And this is her “Venus” picture which let me fall in love with Fashion industry….!



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