Suddenly I have very strong demands in shopping even though it’s  not my real  need at this time and my financial state does not allow me to do that. Maybe my work is so stressful in recent weeks and shopping is always a very efficient way to release negative feeling as well as cheer me up when I found my favorite items with cheap price (in Vietnam, we now have Sale season like Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia in fashion industry!). That’s what I am feeling, thinking and wanting now…But back to basic, we cannot have everything, especially to satisfy or catch up with the latest fashion trends unless you’re a billionaire !

However, to comfort myself, I spent more time on common male style online sites like Mr.Porter, Asos, Topman, Farfetch to just select my most favorite collection and here are some of them just for your reference!

I am now quite tired & moody and just wonder that there is somebody who can take me to the shopping malls and whisper in my ear that “Here is my credit card, just feel free to use it. You don’t need to do anything to me, just keep smiling & shining like the way you are !” =))))))





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