Who loves fashion definitely knows Project Runway – the most popular & prestige TV show dedicates to fashion designers. I knew this show because of Heidi Klum – one of the most popular supermodels. I knew Project Runway on fashion news as well as magazines 5 years ago due to limited media approaches at that time. Even though some seasons were broadcasted on cable TV, it was so hard for me to follow all episodes. When Vietnamese television godfathers started bringing most popular TV shows to Vietnam, I wished that America’s Next Top Models & Project Runway would come to Vietnam soon. They got what I expected and made it come true. Finally, we had Vietnam’s Next Top Models in 2010 and Project Runway Vietnam 2013. Quite different with America’s Next Top Models, the winners of Vietnam’s Next Top Models winners, runner-up and outstanding contestants really showed their signatures & took their owned places in model career, some of them now became Vedette of most famous Vietnamese fashion designers, appeared on the cover of most prestige fashion magazines. That’s the reason why I felt a little bit proud of Vietnamese version although the original one is absolutely more professional, entertaining & dramatic!

Back to the point, when I knew that Project Runway came to Vietnam through Multimedia which built up the fame for Vietnam’s Next Top Models, I felt so exciting & eager to watch the show but right after that a big question popped up in my mind “If Vietnamese fashion designers are qualified enough in terms of creative ideas & tailoring techniques & skills to bring the image of young Vietnamese fashion designers to the next level coz I thought this is also their most weakness in execution”.

phoca_thumb_l_tap1_02 phoca_thumb_l_tap1_03 phoca_thumb_l_tap1_04

From my point of view, technique is the most critical requirement for a fashion designer, whatever your idea is, if you are bad in tailoring process, you definitely make it turn to disaster or cheap clothes. When you are good in techniques & skills, you will know exactly how to execute and narrow down the ideas to make sure your customers feel comfortable and proud when they wear your collection. I called it the basic foundation for the developing process. Without foundation, you cannot show-off your idea, your signature and your career. Therefore, I strictly focus on tailoring skills right behind the concept when I look at a collection. Based on this point, I was quite disappointed with first 3 episodes because like my perception, the young fashion designers still focus too much on details without caring of total look even though they had good ideas.

Details like a trap – they can make the outfit different, outstanding with the others but sometimes, they will ruin it all with messy combination. I tended to leave this show behind and focus on my another favorite one Masterchef ;D. However, from the episode 4 with Silk material challenge, I did impressed by some pretty good designs – elegant, simple but sophisticated, still on trends. I saw their growing up, seriously learnt the judge’s advice. And from episode 5-7, I tried to follow the show to find out who will be in Top 3 for the final runway. After episode 7 – “Red Carpet Gown for Truong Ngoc Anh – one famous beautiful actress”, Hoang Minh Ha, Chau Chan Hung and Lam Gia Khang were in Top Final 3. They all deserve to be in Finalist & I guessed Chau Chan Hung would be the winner based on his performance during all episodes.

phoca_thumb_l_model_ngocthuy(My only favorite design in episode 3 with “Garbage Challenge” – look a little bit like Balenciga)

The final show were on air in last Sunday night – 1 hour for 3 collections which were made based on Paris Inspiration theme and the winner is Hoang Minh Ha with The Feeling of Paris Sunshine. I though he deserves to be the winner because of the high-class tailoring techniques & forms, “ready-to-wear” applicability although I still refer Chau Chan Hung collection personally in terms of materials, color play and variety fashion items.  Lam Gia Khang’s collection is good either. However, it’s completely like “young version of Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2013” and that’s the reason why he is 3rd runner up. But I thought he did a great job for the youngest contestant compared with 2 other men who already had 5-10 years experiences. Doing something like Christian Dior and make it look “good” never be easy even with the experienced fashion designers.

1. Hoang Minh Ha Collection

6940_479621725454035_745913221_n 969978_479621502120724_377844192_n 992999_479621535454054_1471514218_n 998127_479621695454038_724845619_n 1001039_479621475454060_302554091_n 1016167_479621472120727_1666265253_n 1017579_479621485454059_1672903550_n 1010543_479621578787383_131394104_n 1011091_479621678787373_1657260636_n


2. Chau Chan Hung Collection

7477_479628185453389_1768622093_n 8612_479628092120065_893275093_n 10648_479628422120032_2092172435_n 222445_479628485453359_574161483_n988491_479628152120059_1483992165_n 993007_479628305453377_1105800157_n 994276_479628375453370_55282468_n 1000895_479628315453376_1980335554_n 1011427_479628458786695_1544308381_n


3. Lam Gia Khang Collection

222589_479635515452656_769696748_n 264869_479635398786001_1190971796_n 994274_479635402119334_1490287262_n 994281_479635465452661_613850543_n 995822_479635535452654_380413098_n 996848_479635532119321_1290601825_n


The Winner


I thought Project Runway Vietnam Season 1 had a happy ending with well-deserved Top 3 & Winner as well as the clean & clear execution in all episodes. Thanks God that there was no ridiculous scandal in this season because I am so tired with TV show scandals! When you do something relates to Art & Creative, please show your some respect with the contestant – they deserve to get opportunities to grow up by their true talents, not to be a joke to entertain for the others who do not hesitate to speak out lout the ridiculous  stupid comments =))).


Here are my favorite designs in this season for your reference

phoca_thumb_l_model_nhatrucLam Gia Khang’s Design – Episode 2


Hoang Minh’s Design – Episode 2

phoca_thumb_l_hinhtap3 1Nhu Lan’s design – Episode 3

phoca_thumb_l_model_linhngan_tap4Hai Yen’s Design – Episode 4

phoca_thumb_l_model_ngocthuy_tap4Như Lan’s Design – Episode 4

phoca_thumb_l_model_doha_tap4Bao Loan’s Design – Episode 4

phoca_thumb_l_model_lamgiang_tap4Chan Hung’s Design – Episode 4

phoca_thumb_l_05_lequyenGia Khang’s Design – Episode 5

phoca_thumb_l_02_dohaBao Loan’s Design – Episode 5

phoca_thumb_l_03_nhatruc_giakhangGia Khang’s Design – Episode 7

phoca_thumb_l_04_lequyen_minhhaMinh Ha’s Design – Episode 7

phoca_thumb_l_05_doha_baoloanBao Loan’s Design – Episode 7


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