I had no weekend in this week! Woke up at 5.30 am in Saturday morning and came back to home at 12 am in the night was totally pissed off. That’s a part of my job – being daughter-in-law of at at least 3 “beep” mothers-in-law, kakaka! You have to learn how to adapt to something/someone that you could not change.

But It’s not the most important thing that I felt “bad” for this weekend. The point is I missed The Only Yearly Grand Sale Days of L’Usine yesterday and of course even today! Shirts & T-Shirts are around 200-250k VND, pants is around 300-350k! They were all discount around 70% – 80% for good quality costumes in terms of materials & forms…! Saigonese fahionista Don Be Khoi – tagged me on what he got yesterday – 75$ for 8 items…! Suddenly, I feel “hating” him so much and I want to get out of here to go L’Usine outlet store so badly!


Ok, to comfort me in this sucked morning, I went to & as usually and….I even feel worse with the latest street-style pictures of styling guy in Men Spring 2014 Fashion Week in London! It’s mostly all about Suit & Tie – from formal to casual, from plain to colorful, from classic to freestyle with eye-catching mix-match, from young men to old one etc…Everything turned me on & let me down at the same time – such a complex emotion!



2013-06-21_152919 2013-06-21_152834 2013-06-21_152753 2013-06-21_152929 2013-06-21_1532452013-06-21_153303 2013-06-21_153311 2013-06-21_153441 2013-06-21_1534502013-06-21_153501 2013-06-21_153605 2013-06-21_153613 2013-06-21_153621 2013-06-21_153204 2013-06-21_153154 2013-06-21_153138 2013-06-21_1536292013-06-21_153212 2013-06-21_153220 2013-06-21_153653 2013-06-21_153705 2013-06-21_153740 2013-06-21_153731 2013-06-21_153722 2013-06-21_153714

2013-06-21_153237 2013-06-21_153747 2013-06-21_153230 2013-06-21_153759

I am trying to think that “Next week is gonna be better, I hope!”. If not, I have to find my own way to balance myself like an improvised trip/vacation to somewhere I’ve never been in…! 😀


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