THE WEEK IN STYLE (17-23 June 2013)

Inspired by The Week In Style section on, I decided to create same thing on my blog just for Vietnamese guys only. I am living in Ho Chi Minh city – the most dynamic city in Vietnam so it’s not hard to find out the cool guys with cool styles on the street all day & night. They are all active, talent & of course have a good taste in fashion wherever they are, in Vietnam or in other countries where they are studying/working. Street-style is now a big buzz in fashion industry so time for me to promote Vietnamese guys who stand out on the street with their “on-trends” style!

I will try to collect photo every week so I hope you guys feel free to share your piks to me to make it more interesting & diversified.

18 June 

Le Minh Ngoc – Fashion Editor of F Magazine



Duong H Nguyen – Architect & Photographer


19 June

Luffy Piece – Marketing Executive


21 June

Trịnh Anh Duy – Graphic Design Student


22 June

Hà Nhật Tiến – Fashion Designer


Cao Nhật Tân – Fashion Design Student



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