If somebody asks me “What is your most favorite movie in this summer season?”, I do not hesitate to share my answer – “The Great Gatsby”. I watched this movie in last Sunday night and It’s still obsessing me! It’s been a long time for me to enjoy a total-package movie like this after Chicago – Great story, Great Cast, Great Costumes, Great Music! Some people will say to me “Come one guy! It’s just ok, compared with the classic novel. It’s too much fancy, less sophistication & incisiveness in expressing the insight of the characters as well as portraying the truth of American Dream in 20s of last century”. I won’t debate with you guys in this point coz honestly I don’t have a chance to read this timeless novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald so I enjoyed & experienced this movie without any expectation & perception. I watched it just because of Leonardo Dicaprio & Miuccia Prada’s designs :D. But I just wonder that how could you expect “a 120 mins movie can tell everything of this masterpiece truly deeply”. Instead of comparing the movie with the novel, I think we should thank to Baz Luhrmann and his crew for their great work. To balance between the art, the story teller & the commercial is not an easy job, especially with The Great Gatsby – one of the most classic novels of all time. I think That’s the reason why Baz needed almost 2 years for shooting movies and cooperated with the most famous A-Class names in each category like Jay Z for music production, Miuccia Prada (with both Prada & Miu Miu brands) & Brooks Brother for costume designs.

And back to the point, that is the main reason why I am writing this post. It’s all about the speechless gorgeous designs for The Great Gatsby movie. Catherine Martin did a great job in terms of selecting her partners to do this challenge. Everybody works in fashion industry knows “Who is Miuccia Prada?” – The Queen of Fashion as I mentioned in my one previous post & Brooks Brothers – The Godfather of men suits –  Founded in 1818 in Manhattan. After watching The Great Gatsby, I wonder if Miuccia Prada created her designs in latest collections based on movie inspiration or just because Catherine saw Miuccia’s styles absolutely meet her viewpoint in designing costumes for her husband’s come-back movie after his signature –  Moulin Rouge! (seem that he is addicted to golden time of 1990s….!).Whatever the truth is, I was completely speechless with what they showed to me. The moment that Nick came to Tom’ mansion, opened the white living room with many silk bands flying with the wind, Daisy – with her gorgeous white gown is lying on heritage couch, her sister Jordan is sitting on chair with her striped satin tank top, wide-leg pants & beautiful string of pearls on her neck – all these things immediately had strong impact on my emotion and made me have to speak out quite loud “OMG, so beautiful…..!!!!” even though I knew there were hundred people around me…Shame on me ! From that moment, I was blown away with the extremely fancy-luxury-crazy parties and gorgeous-elegant-sophisticated costumes for all casts. Gosh ! They had to spend million dollar just for costume designing!

Right after I came back home, I started searching all photos of The Great Gatsby costume designs as well as information about Catherine Martin, about her corporation with Miuccia Prada and here are what I collected and want to share with you guys. I believe that if you love fashion, you absolutely feel “great” with these photos.

2013-07-02_2337032013-07-02_233559 2013-07-02_233622 2013-07-02_2336392013-07-02_2337202013-07-02_234012 2013-07-02_234124 2013-07-02_234305 2013-07-02_234342 2013-07-02_234447 2013-07-02_234533 2013-07-02_234605 2013-07-02_234630 2013-07-02_234652 2013-07-02_234705 2013-07-02_234719 2013-07-02_234732 2013-07-02_234745 2013-07-02_234815 2013-07-02_234903 2013-07-02_234917 2013-07-02_234939 2013-07-02_235042 2013-07-02_235125 2013-07-02_235147 2013-07-02_235211 2013-07-02_235249 2013-07-02_235301 2013-07-02_235320 2013-07-02_235332 2013-07-02_235407 2013-07-02_235435 2013-07-02_235451 2013-07-02_235500 2013-07-02_235510 2013-07-02_235528

I think the costume obviously became more beautiful when they really matched with amazing home decoration


P/s: It’s raining outside and I want to get out of here, sit at a corner of my favorite coffee store to enjoy soundtracks of movie – the other great work of Jay Z which made me admire him more!


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