Men Spring 2014 has just ended few days ago and now all fashionista is ready for Haute Couture Fall 2013. Obviously, all street-style showers have a very busy time to think, to select, to wear their always-on-trends outfits and of course to take a seat at Front Row of most well-known brand shows. Sometimes I just question myself “How will I feel if someday, Tommy captured my walk on the way go to Dolce & Gabbana show?”, such a fancy dream ! =)).

We all knew street style is a bomb in fashion industry. Fashionista, fashion editor, fashion people now even care about “what the wear on the street” more than brand’s collections. Naturally, it comes from people insight – “competitive instinct”, “A lot of styling people who know how to dress up around me, what should I wear to be outstanding from the crowd and show off my own styles?”. Trust me, It’s never an easy job! I usually get stuck when I have to select “what to wear” every morning and that’s the reason why I usually go to office quite late (hope that my boss does not read this blog, kakaka). Therefore, honestly, I really admire them and feel a little bit jealous (sorry that I lied to you, I was extremely jealous!) when I look at these men & women confidently walking on the street with my wish-list fashion item like the Kenzo red sweater, Givenchy black leather jacket, Dolce & Gabbana printed T-shirt…!

Now, it’s Showtime for powerful catwalk of famous fashionista on the most inspirational & non-stop moving runway – ON THE STREET !

2013-07-02_135630 2013-07-02_135722 2013-07-02_135831 2013-07-02_135842 2013-07-02_135859 2013-07-02_135916 2013-07-02_1359332013-07-02_140010 2013-07-02_140032 2013-07-02_140053 2013-07-02_140113 2013-07-02_140216 2013-07-02_140235 2013-07-02_140309 2013-07-02_140326 2013-07-02_140344 2013-07-02_140352 2013-07-02_140400 2013-07-02_140427 2013-07-02_140436 2013-07-02_1405472013-07-04_1727022013-07-04_1728132013-07-04_1728542013-07-04_1729022013-07-04_1729112013-07-04_1729472013-07-04_173033


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