They are all famous,

They are all in the list of Sexiest Men on the world

They are, again, always in the list of The Most Styling Men, selected by well-known men lifestyle magazines.

I am sure that at least once time, when you looked at these man, you would think “I want to be like him” or “It seems impossible to wear like him coz all stuffs he is wearing now are so expensive and I can’t not afford for those things!”. This is a so-wrong perception. All you need to do is learning the way he does mix-match. Sometimes, you don’t know that you can utilize your current items in wardrobe to wear like him. Like these following guidelines, I tried to select all most popular stuffs that all men can have for your reference.

Simply gentle but still on-the trends, why don’t you try it? Maybe you will feel surprised with your own transformation! However, there is a true statement in styling that you should remember “Clothes just build up your look, not your image! To have total package, posture & gesture should align with your style!”.

Stay gentle, styling men!

Picturea PicturebPicturecPictured Picturee Picturef


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