I’m not in good mood now and I am trying to deal with it. Even though I knew the truth “It’s impossible to stay away from the ridiculous people/things/stuffs in my life coz without them, you cannot see the true meaning of the right one”. My experiences also taught me how to solve those things…but sometimes, I just want to give up coz don’t want to touch on them anymore…!. Basically, life is unfair and you have to learn how to be acquainted with the non-sense things of the stupid people who luckily has the power to force us do “whatever they want” – such a shame on me ! ;-))).

The weather has changed in recent days…cloudy with cool winds in all morning & noon, raining in the evening/night and I bet that nobody wants to get out of his bed or have mood to go to the office! This feeling is more extreme to me coz I just got flu in last 2 days and has faced with “fun” things in my job. All I want to do now is “Lying on my bed, just close my eyes to enjoy my favorite songs, sitting at my favorite corners at my favorite coffee store to enjoy my favorite drinks or even just looking at people on the street – some of them will wear 1-2 more layers, some of them show their excited feeling with the weather change, some of them walk slowly, hand in hand with their lover, smiling happily, enjoy romantic moments together with climate support….I do all things I like without any worry about the deadlines, campaign performances, qualified content, smooth execution etc…! I do loving my job but feel sorry that It’s not my feeling at this moment. The only thing makes me feel good now when I am at the office is going around my favorite styling sites, adding more items in my wish list & wish that someday, they will be mine. I thought I am on the way to be a shopaholic. I knew it’s the right thing but It’s “Ok” in terms of “cheering up my mood”.

P/s: It’s not important what we will do coz the most important is “we are together!”

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