I am feeling with good with nice compliments from my dear friends for my today outfit. Actually, I did loving it when I wore it in this morning. It made me look cooler, younger, especially feel very “Spring/Summer 2013” with pink striped t-shirt, khakhi carrot pants & white sneaker. I am sure that you may be shocked when you know price of all items. T-shirt is 50.000 VND, pants 125.000 VND & sneaker is around 450.000 VND. They are all sale more 50%, yayyyy!!!!! I got them all on the last minutes so I felt greater about my choices…kakaka.

That’s the first part. The second part is “Today I got a feeling to ( a little bit ) show off my styles!” kakaka . It’s been a long time that I did not update my looks because of many crazy things in work as well as the personal stuffs so I did not have mood to talk about myself. One of my dear brothers told me that “You are at the appreciated position in work, almost 30 (at this point, I “hated” him coz he reminded me the thing that I am trying to ignore! Lol) so I think you should change your style, more mature, chic & classy. Your current style is cool & trendy but sometime, somehow a little bit teenage!”. Yeap, I knew it and I absolutely agreed with his sharing. Honestly, I started thinking about it months ago coz I has felt “It’s time for me to have a new look” and I made a plan for that process. I know what is my “next” and of course every careful process will take time to make it work. Therefore, I already set 30 is the age for “the new me”. During that time, I will take the “step by step” action to figure to new things which help me complete my styles in my new milestones.

Last but not least, I just want to say thank (you) and all my dear friends again who has been inspired me to be better man day by day!

From DiDi with Love ! ❤



Ok, here is my next wish list…! Hope that someday I can get them all…lol ! =))

2013-07-18_172949 2013-07-18_173009 2013-07-18_173151 2013-07-18_174732 2013-07-18_1749272013-07-18_1701402013-07-18_1735262013-07-18_1747042013-07-18_1751042013-07-18_1736152013-07-18_1745492013-07-18_1748502013-07-18_1750512013-07-18_1745112013-07-18_1751242013-07-18_175141


2 thoughts on “DIDI LIVES HIS LIFE…!

  1. Love that pink striped t-shirt, you look way younger. But the pant is quite loose to be honest. And a belt would make the outfit perfect.

    1. thanks for your sharing, i don’t know why but I suddenly have the feeling of “no belt”, it makes me more free & look taller, kakaka. About the pants, honestly, it’s my first trial with this style, take your notes and maybe choose something better 😉

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