This is Ashmibb – a very cool & styling man on Instagram. I followed him on instagram around 2 months ago and was completely attracted by him. He’s very fashionable, of course coz that’s is the reason why I am creating a post for him, humor, open-minded and most important he really knows how to do posing…! You can easily find his different posing styles with different face expressions and they are all so inspirational, fun or even so sexy. I thought it’s the key point to make him outstanding wherever he is…! I did a very short interview of him to help you guys understand more about my new posing teacher…lol…!

1. What is your job?

Graphic designer.
2. What’s your style?
Classy and fun.
3. Your life quote?
If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
4. Who inspires you in style?
Marc Jacobs
5. 3 most favourite brands.
Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford
6. Your style guides?
It’s not only about style, it’s about how comfortable you are with the clothes and the look.
7. 3 fashion items you love most.
Shades, bags and shoes.
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