I woke up in the morning and felt everything is turning to be grey, the only thing kicked my ass out of bed to start a new day is your lovely smile. Thinking of you always makes me feel good and then pulls me down a little bit cause at this moment, I want to see “the morning” in your eyes, hug you tight, give you a kiss on your forehead and start a beautiful day. I am talking like a daydreamer, right? =))

To get over that moody emotion, I decided to do something simple just to make me feel “back to basic”, at least you still have a day for living. Today, It’s a white shirt. With me, white shirt is never a trendy stuff, it’s classical legend thing that every man must has in his wardrobe. Whoever you don’t care about anything about fashion, about trends or you “Eat, Pray, Love’ in fashion world, I bet that you have at least 1 white shirt. Wearing in wedding party, in interview, in dating, in daily working or even just hang out with friends, white shirts always make you look “clean & clear”, “simple & classic”, “gentle & never –out-of-date”….It’s not what you think, It’s what people think about when they look at you.

Honestly, I am quite happy with my choice, looked at me in the mirror with white shirt actually made me feel better and suddenly, I think that it’s right time for me to start switching my old style to the new one – simple & classic, less more color to be more gentle !

1 2013-06-28_170718 8567706085_1ab5f7daac_b A Part of the Rest mens look 5.2 gqparis36 italiano Street-Style-London-Oct-2012-12 TTLGTHROUGHTHELOOKINGGLASSBLOGSTREETSTYLEMENSSTYLEBLOGCLASSICLOOKWHITEBUTTONUPDOWNDARKWASHDENIMJEANSWAYFARERSUNGLASSESSPRINGLOOK tumblr_m9yh4iiYNA1qbzysno1_r8_1280 tumblr_mb28e3Ak5C1qbzysno1_r4_1280

Here is my BellFiled White Shirt with Topman Jeans & white sneaker



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