I planned to write this topic every week but seems that it completely failed because of my busy works and some personal problems in last month. Today, though It’s Monday, I feel less “Blue” than usually coz I am free in mind now and on the way to come back to my familiar life so I spent some minutes to go around my Facebook friends to collect all photos which showed-off trendy looks of cool men.

Here are the men-in-styles that I picked up – 11 photos from 11 men who are mostly working in fashion industry – stylist, fashion designer, fashionista, photographer, artist (8), the other 3 men came from flight attendant, education and young talented film maker.

I do hope that this collection also makes you guys feel better to start a new week with Jonanista.

Stay Cool, We just have One Life To Live !

22.07 – Pham Tran Khanh Trung – Marketing Manager

2207 - Khanh Trung

23-07 – Jorkendy Lai – Film Maker/Director

2307-Jorkendy Lai

24.07 – Kelbin Lei – Fashionista/Stylist

2407-Kelbin Lei

28.07 – Bosco Tran – Vietnam Airline Flight Attendant

2807 - Bosco Tran - Jack&Jones shirt (Germany) Jay Jay tank top Zara pants

30.07 – Hai Dang – Creative Director of Fame Magazine

3007-Hai Dang

31.07 – Ha Nhat Tien – Fashion Designer

3107 - Ha Nhat Tien

31.07 – Oroku Tin Duc Nguyen – Painting Artist

3107 - Oroku Tin Duc Nguyen

01.08 – Mi Goi – Stylist

0108 - Mi Goi

03.08 – Nino Mars – Photographer/Owner Nino Studio

0308-Nino Mars

04.08 – Vo Triet – Model/Stylist

0408 - Vo Triet

05.08 – Imizu Kanda – Graphic Designer

0508 - Imizu Kanda


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