The “who cares” girl doesn’t care about what people will look at them and judge them through your styles which are kinda “less feminine”.

The “who cares” girl is not afraid of wearing anything she like even it’s just for man only due to people’s perception.

The “who cares” girl always wants to show the real her because if you can find her inside beauty, you will see how great she is and of course if you don’t like her, she even doesn’t fcuking care about what you think.

The “who cares” girl may not be the most sexy or outstanding girl but definitely will make you “can’t take your eyes off her” if you accidently look at her on the street and back to the third point, just let it go with the flow…! 😉

080813_Copenhagen_Stockholm_Street_Style_slide_009 image01 image002 (1) image002 (4) image03 image004 (4) image04 image005 (1) image05 image006 (8) image007 (6) image007 image010 (2)


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