Men use “the details” to make them “be cool” with the simple styles.

Women use “the details” to show that “Every detail has to match with my trendy outfit, everything has to be perfect and make me feel “the best” when I walk on the street”. That’s why the details with women are even more important & difficult than choosing tops & bottoms. I am sure that she always spend more time to select “the details” than picking up the main items.

Looking at these pictures below, you will understand how important the details are in completing her style. If you never take “the details” seriously as they should be, think it again coz sometimes, it’s the key point to tell “who you are?” and “how good your taste is?”. If in marketing, we have the phrase USP – Unique Selling Point which bold out the product/service differentiation, so let’s make “the details” become your style “USP”.

Stay “details” and enjoy your gorgeous weekend, ladies!

2012-04-27_151916 2012-04-27_153719 2012-08-06_105939 2012-09-19_151303 2013-07-02_135722 2013-07-02_135916 2013-07-02_140216 image005 (2)a image006a image009 (1) mcm-balenciaga-clutch prada-stripes-2 tokyo-blue-clutch vivienne-westwood-clutch 2012-08-06_110207 image006 (8) vv-striped


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