Yesterday I had a mood of ‘Back To Blue’. I think it’s a good way to lead me back to normal. I’ve felt bad on recent days because of unexpected work which took me a lot of time to complete it in rush time, or maybe sudden emotions which came from something I accidentally knew. It’s quite hard for a Virgo man to stop his endless thoughts and try to figure out what’s happen after that ‘coz based on his own experiences, his feeling always tells the truth so sometimes, it helps him know how to ready for the worst or sometimes, it makes me feel exhausted and I wish that I could stop it asap.

Therefore, as I shared with you before, dressing up to look cool definitely makes you feel better. The reason I chose Blue coz with me, this color stands for hope, belief & optimism, somehow encourages me to leave all confused things behind, just simply moves forward. At the end, what goes around, comes back around, what belongs to you will be your own.

‘Back To Blue’ to be yourself, be passionate, be optimistic, be ready for refreshing yourself!



From Jonanista with Love 🙂

Here are some of my “Back To Blue” styles that I did for GAP. I especially love the striped white t-shirt with blue line of GAP coz it makes me look younger & cooler =))





P/s: I did selecting some ‘Back To Blue’ styles  of my Facebook friends. for your more inspiration.




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