Her name is Angie Nguyen, nickname Mất Dép means Lost Sandal! =))

She studied Studied Visual Communication at Raffles Design Institute, Singapore.

She’s former fashion editor of Haper’s Bazaar Vietnam, now freelance stylist and fashion blogger.

She’s smart, has sense of humor and really knows how to inspire you through the way she shares her taste, her passion & her knowledge in fashion, movie, music and all social topics! 😀

Her style is (let me think) elegant & chic, color match, pattern daring.

1147618_10152116552637782_673881086_o1264833_10152250697282782_1426277641_o1267160_10152246047582782_1547389050_o1269674_10152180660752782_974153633_o 1270512_10152214201307782_1014355849_o 1147006_10152262855872782_1698083362_o 75008_10152227092902782_1473566737_n1269023_10152221536337782_439401174_o1276638_10152171538192782_1049562682_o


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