The weather is getting colder and I love it although it makes me feel so moody sometimes. Riding in the midnights when Saigon turned to be peacefully quiet in this season became my hobby years ago coz it helps me release my inner struggles and heal me with cold winds, the street lights and even the tears. It also reminds me how much I feel lonely on my long way and how desperately I need someone to comfort me with a warm hug, soft kisses and just say with me “You’re gonna be  fine soon!”. The old stories always bring to you the best lessons and let you realize that “everything happens for a reason – even with the worst one”.  This year I really hope that “things will change coz now we are together and I truly believe that we can make this Emo-season become our unforgettable moments in love!”

1 minute for me is over…! :D. Back to the main topic,  I bet that the fashionable guys really get excited with this weather change because they have a reason to wear sweaters, jackets, boots, layers & etc… – all things belong to “Fall/Winter” season which doesn’t exist in Ho Chi Minh city. That’s why I really like to look at cool guys with “Fall/Winter” styles on the streets coz It comforts to think that “at least, we can  catch up with seasonal trends on the world so don’t think too much when buying some nice sweaters, cool sneakers, trendy jackets coz this is a good chance for you to refresh yourself!”

Here is my “Fall/Winter” collection for men styles after going around on my Facebook friends, hope that you guys will love it and get “what you need to buy” 😀

B21 Truong Thanh Long

One Look in B21 Fall/Winter 2013 Collection by Truong Thanh Long

Dont Be KhoiDon’t Be Khoi – Fashionista/  Jewelry Store Owner

Gia Doan

Gia Đoàn – Marketing Manager MTV Vietnam

Le Minh Ngoc

Le Minh Ngoc – Fashionista, Stylist of F Magazine, Duck Deli Restaurant Owner


Nino Mars – Graphic Designer of YanTV, Nino Studio Owner

Tiramisu Tiramisu

Tiramisu – Content Editor of Himmag Online Magazine

Hai Dang

Hai Dang – Creative Director of Fame Magazine & his friend

Vu Le Quoc

Vu Le Quoc – Music Master, Music Editor of YanTV

A Little Dack

A Little Dack – Media Planner of MEC

Trinh Anh Duy

Trinh Anh Duy – Graphic Designer Student


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