I’m gonna promote for Maxus Vietnam where I am working for in 2 years, kakaka!

If you love to work in media industry, be ready to challenge yourself with endless requirements from clients, keep smiling and always try to think positive when you have to do the “beep” things, want to work in friendly,  corporative & professional working environments, be trained by the experienced guys who are willing to guide you, make you laugh out loud but also can let you down with insightful exercise, be exciting to show off “who you are” with your own styles and last but not least, feel that you can get along with Maxus PACE (Passionate, Agile, Collaborative & Entrepreneurial) DNA, please don’t be afraid to knock our door coz your career path may turn to new page – positive or negative, it depends on how you deal with it and make it become your worth…! 😀

989739_10151471966139639_1664860307_o 1052711_10151708200645115_1307373090_o 1056633_10151545374334639_619151095_o 1065869_10151533619239639_1606593833_o 1072587_10151752199045115_825936799_o 1092489_10151580952169639_653581136_o 1184475_10151634312609639_1110788868_o 1226907_10151636189794639_341832805_o 1273520_10151816962555115_1381301467_o 1291096_10151661554629639_107786016_o 1293696_10151647059759639_989592486_o 1353698_10151672371709639_652569799_o 1369254_10151670693564639_118258141_o 1370623_10151713554069639_1335312186_o 1370722_10151698274834639_942615954_o 1372465_10151685122319639_1411497271_o 1372698_10151668694254639_1805605703_o 1375121_10151905889050115_754538233_n 1376625_10151897468535115_132987941_n 1384590_10151711747369639_1676654058_o 1412817_10151737607729639_1659048182_o 1426534_10151765839659639_1908275436_o 1457054_10151770141859639_633927796_n 1460806_10151768310824639_2114815186_o 1472106_10151785693209639_1536758912_n


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