I found this man accidentally when I went around on Instagram. I went to his page coz one of my Instagram friend liked lots of his photos, some of them are so hot with his speechless body :D, some of them are so cool with his unique style.  Then I realized that I like his style more than his sexy look, seriously, kakaka! I love the way he does styling with sneakers & sporty shoes, play the color & mix the things seem that they can’t be with each other to make his outstanding on the street.

Whatever happens, try to keep you look cool & refreshing coz at the end, when you look at yourself in the mirror, at least you can say “Ok, I am gonna be fine so keep smiling, stay cool & back to basics to do something new!”1392839_10151790361624639_397508570_n 1394848_10151790361279639_791159233_n 1396613_10151790361464639_1107538036_n 1418401_10151790361094639_1124141947_n 1419856_10151790361909639_1596121883_n 1421476_10151790360084639_769386134_n 1421488_10151790361794639_1014842909_n 1422691_10151790360454639_1240172318_n 1422693_10151790360769639_1304773855_n 1454281_10151790360584639_1100714098_n 1456834_10151790360309639_1744697893_n 1457114_10151790363064639_1111714932_n 1458722_10151790363194639_141077937_n 1459003_10151790360924639_1125773923_n 1473788_10151790363334639_750754444_n


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