Duong is my weird brother. We knew each other almost one and half years ago. He’s a cool young architect who was quite famous in Architecture University (honestly, I quite liked him much since the day I saw him as MC in his university’s festival, it was 5-6 years ago, lol) and loves to be Fashion photographer. I think he did a cool job coz every time I look at his fashion photos, I recognize who he is, very consistent in taste – sexy, daring, weird and a little bit “S&M”!

We had a chance to work together when he did shooting a special editorial for me in last Christmas. That is my “first time ever “ being model and I have to face the truth that I should stop jumping into this category coz I did a very bad job in posing & acting =))). From the beginning till now, I saw his improvement in this side job through his artworks and these two editorials are the persuasive examples. I am so in love at the first time I saw them. The way he did with lighting set up, shooting angles and graphic design totally impressed me. Combining with very inspirational & professional posing of Truong Thanh Long – one of the coolest & trendy men that I’ve ever known, these artworks bring Duong H Nguyen to upper level in male photo shooting.

Get ready for Exstasia & Hominis Costa (such the weird names and I have no idea what they mean…now you can see how weird he is, right…!!?) to understand who is Duong H Nguyen and what makes him different from the other fashion photographer.

Find out more about Duong’s artworks at:


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and here is the portrait of the coolly weird man – Nguyen Hong Duong !

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