11 days left to Christmas Day. It’s cloudy all day, getting colder in the nights and that’s why this is the most beautiful & emotional season of the year. Whether you are single or not, just enjoy your Christmas time by simple doing more layers for your look – a jacket, a scarf, a cardigan or even a hat etc…make sure that you look cool & refreshing like these guys on the street coz it’s also an effective way to encourage you to leave all bad stuffs behind & show your energy to ready for the better things in life!

Let’s think “All I want for Christmas is “A NEW ME”!”


Phong (Senior programer) & his friend

1459191_10202776347834551_299344626_nJeremy Le – Media planner of Mediacom

1426464_10201767053230685_514885797_nDustin Nguyen – VJ & Script writer of MTV Vietnam

1468447_10151830742184639_1394315090_oKhắc Duy (right) – Senior Digital Manager of Maxus Vietnam & his friends

1167927_10151674464644541_1749050378_nBee Nguyen – Fashion Student in Melbourne, Australia

529215_10152073942000915_2098792003_nGia Đoàn – Marketing Manager of MTV Vietnam

1397167_545051785587078_192159042_oHưng Nguyễn – MBA Student in Leicester, UK

1452001_647851955236382_1796902998_nMì Gói – Freelance Stylist

1474501_676445672385907_1984436777_nBaba Nguyen – Student

1421027_707982469214645_1543063536_oTiramisu Tiramisu – Editor of Himmag.com


Nino Mars – Nino Studio Owners


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