Single pleat pants will be one of the hottest men styles in this year. I used to think this form is so out-of-date, it’s just for 50+ plus men who do not care about fashion at all. Then I realized that I was so wrong when most of well-known fashion brands promoted for single pleat pants in their Spring 2014 collections – Burberry Prorsum, Ermenegildo Zegna, Richard James, Paul Smith, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Prada etc…The forms, they styles, the look & feel completely blew me away, maybe because I am gonna be 30yo man in next 2 years and my style should be more mature, gentle to expose my growing up ! =)). I am looking for the prestigious tailor who can help me to own at least 2 single pleat pants in my wardrobe so if you have any suggestion, kindly share it to me! :D.

For the styling guys, there is another way to be on-trends but still be saving. Don’t be afraid to borrow your father/grandfather’s single pleat pants, fix them to suit for your body form, mix-match with all kind of shirt, long sleeves T-shirt or even with casual T-shirts & jackets, depends on your own styles & the occasions, very simple and may be workable!

Let’s start a new year with a new trend – Single Pleat Pants for The Gentleman!

2013-06-23_135336 2013-06-23_135348 2013-06-23_144605 2013-06-23_144705 2013-06-23_152919 2013-06-23_153749 2013-06-24_112221 2013-06-24_113548 2013-06-24_115039 2013-06-24_120012 2013-06-26_134807 2013-06-26_155841 2013-06-26_162008 2013-06-26_163024 2013-06-27_120428 2013-06-27_121526 2013-07-01_120522 2013-07-01_153200


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