Finally, I had a chance to go to US – first time ever! Honestly, It’s not like what I expected because of the inconvenient transportation (I could not take the cab and had to walk at least 5km/day), junk foods is everywhere and I am totally not a fan of this kind of food. The weather was so freaking cold – maybe just with me who comes from a tropical country. However, looking at the other side, I learnt many interesting things from the interactive sessions, panels which are very useful for my career. I met the talented guys from Maxus around the world and had great time together. I did enjoy to look over the beauty of downtown in the morning & night. And last but not least, I could to wear layers – a style that I rarely had chances to try it in Ho Chi Minh city! 😀

Here are my “layers” street styles at Austin city. Well, I think they all looked good, right? 😀

1901411_10152004183374639_1844994371_n 1896774_10152006422089639_1874299575_n 1966897_10152008099279639_837169776_n 10011388_10152010329374639_277153828_n 1797592_10152011677394639_782684349_n


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