I feel so guilty for not taking care of my blog in almost 2 months because of too busy for many deadlines & conferences. The other reason is I did not find out anything interesting to share with you guys until NOW after I went through all collections of Men Spring 2015. It’s a very good reason for my motivation to come back. Based on almost 1,000 looks (what a number & how passionate I am! lol) that I chose from more 100 shows acrosss 3 fashion capitals – London, Milan & Paris (have no idea where is The New York?), I categorized them all into THE 20 HOTTEST TRENDS FOR MEN IN 2015 which can be easily applied in Vietnam.


1. Single Pleat Pants:

This is the trend I love most. I already had 2 tailored single pleat pants 3 months ago because I feel that it’s gonna be one of the key trends in next year and definitely fits with my style. Some guys told me that this is not for short-legs / big- femoral men. It’s right when you do not know how to make it work!. Here are my tips:

+ Make sure the length of pants will be at your upper/middle ankles, not allow to be longer than that. The pipe pants is around 16-17 cm. To make the legs look longer, you can have a waistband with one button on the right. With the big-femoral men, make sure the top part should be a little bit oversized with your femoral to make you feel comfortable to move.

10432097_10152210421714639_5834462868165898756_n 10435933_10152211297214639_1190971312190331470_n 10470928_10152210430894639_437263094080085195_n 10491188_10152216187254639_2150315236036100489_n 10462982_10152212164139639_8437992970786054608_n


2. Elbow Sleeves:

It’s not about long/short sleeves, It’s about the elbow sleeves or little bit higher than it. This style usually goes with the oversized shirts/t-shirts which let you feel more freely, comfortable under the sunshine as well as cover your imperfect body, especially for the thin men!

10458308_10152210427109639_373755974669462053_n 10174788_10152213895789639_857768845145484769_n 10351883_10152213893674639_4203584069602650826_n 10419471_10152219999159639_664369877773897655_n 10421211_10152213894339639_5449590783461577045_n


3. Double-Breasted Suits

All I can say is my grandfather’s style will come back strongly in next year and the double-breasted suits is one of the persuasive proof to prove that. Popular from the mid-1930s until the late 1950s and came back from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, the double-breasted suits now took the runway with the refreshing look & feel thanks to the different types of materials, on-trend patterns, unique style of each fashion house. Therefore, I strongly believe that you will have mixed feeling between “Retro & Urban”, “Look Like The Traditional Man and Live Like The Outgoing Man” when you wear it! Just TRY & FEEL!

10302043_10152210420969639_3019116122932950971_n 10462931_10152210435909639_2470659653287279999_n 10421116_10152216186624639_7923312283036491051_n 10492459_10152211296669639_7934688863361153609_n 10474628_10152219997434639_5258904533270458317_n


4. Oversized

We caught up with this trend from2 previous season but with Spring 2015, it will brought up to the next level – not just only apply for T-shirts or sweaters as usually, now we can see the oversized vest/jacket, shirt, shorts or even with the pants/jeans. The oversized/thin man should feel happier with this trends coz It not only cover your body disadvantages but also look trendy on the streets!

10484920_10152244621259639_8784086897871728928_n 10375082_10152216238929639_83068866507096358_n 10432959_10152213901304639_8058045153598252887_n 10487389_10152212164834639_8689895967807068587_n 10329027_10152211220319639_3597701357895424063_n


5. Spice-up Hoodies

Personally, I am not interested in hoodies coz It makes me look like a teen boy while I am on the journey to be gentleman (just kidding, lol). However, I did change my mind after seeing many cool styles with hoodies. Hoodies is not boring anymore and turns to be sporty, creative & outstanding! I am considering an Adidas black hoodies with floral print on the inside layer; let’s see the salary at the end of this month, maybe! =)))

10360848_10152242645424639_5023700660105144570_n 10418860_10152213894209639_876442468965118180_n 10457958_10152242640154639_8709387991511036722_n 10491268_10152217887904639_2382462032465133992_n 10462938_10152216221714639_6434579131740919998_n



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