This article will be about the hottest paterns in Spring 2015. Pattern always plays an important role in fashion designs as well as in spring/summer trends. Without patterns, you will feel “lost of the feeling of freshing spring/garnish summer”. You can ignore the trendy forms and feel comfortable with your familiar one but you can’t miss these hottest patterns below coz they make you stand out from the crowd and feel “on-the-trends”. Let’s figure out what they are!


1. Classic Plaid:

Classic plaid is the biggest pattern trend in 2015. Most of fashion brands have 2 at least 2 look with the classic plaid. This pattern is very popular in 1950s-1960s with very formal look & feel. In Spring 2015, besides keeping its spirit from 1950s, each fashion designer make it a little bit different with the color playing or the shapes to expose brand identities. Personally, I love the classic plaid of Valentino & Emporio Armani – 2 different types of classic plaid, 2 looks & feels – Formal vs “On-the-go!”

10509775_10152219995309639_5340682720649011115_n (1) 10489948_10152213898329639_4795172417292146551_n 47213_10152235537434639_5026020009449794973_n 10488294_10152235538354639_5951020763086472423_n 10325583_10152214363424639_8469624045063716045_n 10394554_10152235534789639_8256049235350239099_n 10463044_10152214363404639_5424900635324346318_n 10409750_10152244619399639_2475302318244630846_n


2. Stripes:

Again, stripes still takes the stage even though it was promoted in 2 seasons ago. It seems that all fashion designers feel “not enough” with stripes – Berluti & Paul Smith make it more colorful, Dior Homme shows its sailor spirit, Louis Vutton distorts it to zigzag like Paul Smith or Kenzo creates visual effects with color combination etc…so keep your current stripe items, buy the new one with different styles coz they won’t be out of date in short time.

10487606_10152242635344639_7598022400438317403_n 10463044_10152244616134639_8481626323807945291_n 1926918_10152244619584639_553642390798109214_n 10460732_10152242647364639_3534932095429849881_n 10464348_10152235537189639_4909922592595464037_n 10428502_10152213899329639_7848196715326678364_n 10425432_10152216240679639_245300081473813366_n 10485524_10152216186044639_7496535985627680418_n 10489742_10152212196019639_195102954403396348_n 10464117_10152244617684639_3931547707630946170_n


3. Polka Dot:

This is what I love most! I don’t know why I always love the polka dot coz It makes you look younger but still classic, be punky but also can be very formal. Look at the designs of Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, Giorgio Armani or Kenzo, you will understand what I mean!

10462931_10152210435909639_2470659653287279999_n 10492411_10152210437144639_7794122523327978807_n (1) 10391004_10152216240379639_7463072260483335520_n 10511274_10152235538519639_11920790496279650_n 10540871_10152242645954639_4692475996591359693_n


4. Tropical Jungle:

Colorful, funky, daring & a little bit mess up – It makes you feel that you are always ready to have fun, be the central point, run the street or dance till to midnight!

10320580_10152217884989639_2691391602730421403_n 10486957_10152217884404639_1413696606517239878_n 10304971_10152211297094639_1439254712928336087_n 45849_10152244619709639_752445777461402522_n 10418922_10152211299644639_4896044316541963315_n 10484920_10152244621259639_8784086897871728928_n


5. Graphic Prints:

No rationale, no meaning, no rules! They are all about playing with the geometry, the typography, the animals or just the drawing of color pencil, the conceptual drawing shape. Whatever it is, I am sure that a man who wear print items is the man who doesn’t be afraid of people’s judge, dare to expose himself and obviously will outstanding with his bold personalities wherever he is!

10441185_10152210422239639_2053483037489935750_n 10464232_10152216225219639_5949207212683510245_n 10471439_10152219992604639_630944393001159164_n 1908358_10152216223764639_2445973676187584191_n 10421211_10152213894339639_5449590783461577045_n 10299052_10152217884959639_6985429810013121545_n 10409693_10152210427454639_7299258179493638079_n 10408113_10152210427554639_3099762019583851374_n 10430914_10152211298159639_5163561159422587850_n 10445462_10152242641984639_8859209607233834296_n 10154894_10152242639179639_2323705502225140325_n


6. Floral Prints:

Spring is not “the spring” without flowers so there is no doubt when floral prints still be in the trends of Spring 2015 – colorful like Roberto Cavalli, Antonio Marras, Y-3 or very gentle & sophisticated like Hermes, Valentino.

10386365_10152217885494639_582041839841800054_n 10329223_10152213894324639_3397625307781851686_n 10534563_10152244621544639_9166911264706892780_n 10534080_10152242644509639_4618177398823082907_n 1607085_10152242647574639_518399687199433297_n 10291694_10152219965964639_3550634742129145086_n


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