Mathieu Nguyen – a Saigonese wanderer who will let you see the other side of Saigon by his debut inspiring project – “Người Sài Gòn”. We all know that Saigon is the most active, dynamic city in Vietnam, it’s somehow (in an exaggerated way) like a Vietnamese version of New York – a city of dreams where people believe that they can get more opportunities to make their dreams come true or where they can experience the most trendy & fancy entertaining activities all day long.

But with “Người Sài Gòn”, Mathieu would like to share with you his different viewpoints about our beloved city.  Looking at his photos which capture the portrait of hardy laborers with their daily activities or the touching moments of normal people who look so lonesome & unsteady on their journey, we will truly feel that Saigon is not just about beautiful dreams, flashy lifestyle, top towers, giant shopping malls or mega infrastructures in progress, It’s also so tough and rough for those who are trying to survive day by day or to have a better life with full of efforts & hope !

Honestly, I feel so touched & emotional when I saw these following photos because they remind me how lucky I am compared to thousands of people out there still struggling with daily life, they inspire me to be kind as much as I can to support people around me. That’s the reason why this project completely blew me away with its meaning behind –  give me a big inspiration & encouragement to live better & think wiser.

Thank you for your beautiful project! I will wait for having “Người Sài Gòn” photo book in hands in the nearest future as you shared with me.




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