It has been a quarter since the previous post. Yeap, I feel lazy, lack of motivation & inspiration to write down anything. The reason for this coming back came from a pop-up idea when i was suffering Instagram as usually, liked a lot of photos from news feed as well as recommendation function, and I found out an interesting insight accidentally – I did feel better & more inspired every time I saw beautiful photos, some are breathtaking sightseeing or landscapes, some are trendy flatlays, some are hot as hell, some like the true artworks, some shows their expert in specific fields, some just simple show off their daily moments. Each person is very good at building up his own identities among 40o millions users on Instagram to gain social recognition. I think that they do not take Instagram as social playground for fun or entertaining only, they take it as a key channel where they can “sale” themselves via creative visualization. Of course, they do not invest their times & efforts to get nothing, thousands of followers, earn money from being influencers for some brands. It’s quite well-pay in return for their serious investment.

The question is “How to be popular on Instagram?”, from my experiences, it’s gonna be 4G as following:

  1. Great strategy (to differentiate you with the others)
  2. Great photos (each photo should transfer a message, deliver a story or expose your unique selling points. It could be your hot body, beautiful smile, your artwork, your talents, your signature – things that people have strong attribution every time they think of you)
  3. Good investment in terms of creating visuals, following your follower’s engagement, figuring out prime time or gold days etc..)
  4. And last but not least, Good Looking is always a big plus to get Instagrammers’ attention.

Here are my favorite accounts on Instagram for your reference. I think I do not need say much about these men. Their short description, the story-telling photos, their account tone & mood already told you who they are and what made them to be popular.

The Foreigner


The Vietnamese


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