Women in Styles: Wear like Ngoc

If you have a chance to meet Ngoc in person, you will like her at the first time because of her sweetness & charming. With me, she like a tailorbird who always me feel comfortable & excited to “chat chit”, especially relationship topics =)) Honestly, I did not remember how we became friends coz we have some mutual dear friends as well as colleagues in advertising industry, anyway, it doesn’t matter at all. What I wanna say is I love the way she dresses her up, even though her style did not impress me much at the first time we met (around 3 years ago, I think), but just look at these photos below, I am sure that you will feel the same with me “You’ll feel her energy, her refreshment. You’ll feel her enjoyable daily life. You’ll feel her femininity & sophistication. You’ll feel her confidence & daring to try new things. And last but not least, you’ll feel that this woman truly understands who she is & what makes her look best in different occasions”

That’s all I always look for every time I have conversations with any type of women. I wanna see & feel her beauty from both in & outside, a woman knows her worth & makes all men around respect her appearance & contribution.

Keep embracing your beauty, my little sweet because you’re worth it! 😉



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