MEN GOÛT: Na – A Traveller with Style

Na is my dear friend from University till now. A man that I am proudly to give him a nickname “Mother of Mean”, you will see that I am right if you have a chance to make any kind of conversation with him =)). Maybe it’s because of his job requirements as former Account Director of the top creative agencies – Ogilvy & Lowe.  You might get uncomfortable if you are not into his personalities but when you get acquainted with Na, take him as your friend, you will see his other sides – smart, stay honest & straightforward, supportive & very useful for entertaining =)). Besides a main career in advertising industry, he started to build up his first men fashion label – “The Thirteen” year ago and quite successful at the first stage and I am sure that he already had a strategic plan for his babe in the next stages.

Back to the main subject, Na loves travelling, he already visited Europe 3 times at least, I guessed. He explored most of beautiful cities in Europe such as Paris, Roma, Madrid, Berlin, Praha etc.., he told me that he loves its culture, its landscapes, its sightseeing, its architectures, its lifestyle etc…He also explored Bangkok (of course), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan etc..Another luck he had is having a “damn cool” partner – a well-know creative director in creative field, the one who really know “how-to” capture Na’s moments in the most inspiring way wherever he is – on the street, at the corners or into the beautiful sightseeing.

Looking at these photo below, you will feel more motivated for saving money to make a proper trip at least once a year and of course, you also need a partner who’s willing & know how to store your memorable moments along the journey.

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Hong Kong – Taiwan 






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